Types of Projects We Do

Third-Party GHG Verifications & Audits

Verification of GHG Reports – RCE has completed verifications of annual corporate GHG reports in several industrial sectors including: power generation, pulp & paper, mining & minerals, chemicals, manufacturing, and transportation. RCE has worked under The Climate Registry, Massachusetts DEP, and British Columbia GHG Reporting requirements.

Validation and Verification of Carbon Offset Projects – RCE has completed validations and verifications of many types of carbon offset projects including: landfill gas, coal mine methane, livestock, oil & gas, renewable energy, ozone depleting substances, nitrous oxide, and transportation. RCE has completed this work in nearly all voluntary carbon market registries including, Climate Action Reserve, Pacific Carbon Trust, American Carbon Registry, Canadian Standards Association, and Chicago Climate Exchange.

Audits of GHG Reporting – RCE has provided audits and pre-verification services to large firms reporting their GHG emissions to both voluntary and mandatory programs. RCE has completed audits in several large industrial sectors including: power generation, mining & minerals, chemicals, and manufacturing.

Environmental Engineering Consulting

Corporate GHG Inventories - RCE has completed complex GHG inventories for several U.S. and international companies that included GHG emissions sources from stationary combustion, mobile combustion, process emissions, fugitive emissions, and indirect emissions. As a result, RCE staff is quite familiar with emissions estimation, project boundaries, baseline determination, calculation methods, mass balance equations, site-specific and default emission factors, and the concepts of materiality.

Coal Mine Gas Reserves – RCE has developed a process for evaluating active and abandoned coal mine methane resources after many years of working with such projects in the United States, Asia and Europe. This process together with a market and economic analysis can provide project developers with the information necessary to identify potentially profitable projects.

Greenhouse Gas Project Development:

Project Origination and Evaluation – RCE has provided technical expertise to numerous international clients in identifying and evaluating coal mine methane project opportunities in China, India, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine as well as oil and gas projects in Eastern Europe and Latin America. RCE has conducted preliminary and full-feasibility studies for methane-to-energy projects which include providing technical assistance for new methodology development, completing project design documents, developing monitoring plans and reports, and GHG inventories for multi-sector GHG emission reduction projects in the U.S. and internationally.

New Baseline Methodology Development – RCE has provided technical assistance in the development of baseline emission methodologies including coal mine methane and transportation sector emissions. RCE has been on working groups with GHG registries such as CCX, CAR, and PCT giving us insights into setting new carbon market protocols and precedents. This experience has given RCE first-hand knowledge of project eligibility issues, acceptable monitoring and metering systems, and the rigors of additionality testing.

Project Design Documents and Monitoring Plans for CDM, JI, VCS, and CAR Projects – RCE has completed detailed project design documents, submittal forms, requests for variances, and monitoring plans for CDM, JI VCS, and CAR projects as well addressed validator/verifier comments and concerns, at validation or verification site visits for project proponents.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

Coalbed Methane Outreach Program - RCE provides technical support to the U.S. EPA's Coalbed Methane Outreach Program conducting research and analysis into global coal mine methane emissions and project opportunities. RCE staff have authored white papers, reports, feasibility studies, market analysis, and technology evaluations, and presented findings at both U.S. and international coal mine methane conferences.

Global Methane Initiative - RCE is a Project Network member with GMI (formerly Methane to Markets), an international public-private group (from 38 countries) that advances methane recovery as a clean energy source from four sectors: livestock, landfill, coal mines, and oil & gas systems. In 2009, RCE received a GMI grant to develop a methodology and inventory of gassy abandoned coal mines in Shanxi, China.

GHG Reporting Programs - As a subcontractor to the U.S. EPA's Climate Change Division, RCE has managed the coal emissions inventory each year (since 2006) for the annual EPA's U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks Report document. Over the years, RCE has made significant improvements to the methodology used to calculate emissions avoided at coal mines that recover and use methane. RCE provided technical support to the U.S. EPA in refining/revising language in the recently adopted GHG Mandatory Reporting Rule.