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Ruby Canyon Engineering prepares to assist California in groundbreaking greenhouse gas program –

Press Release, July 16, 2012

Ruby Canyon Engineering, Inc., a leading greenhouse gas (GHG) consulting and verification firm, is currently undergoing the accreditation process to become a Verification Body for California's AB 32 GHG cap-and-trade program, administered by the Air Resources Board (ARB). Ruby Canyon will conduct third-party verifications of ARB compliance offset credits, which can be used by compliance entities to meet up to eight percent of their GHG emission reduction obligations. Offset credits are emission reductions that occur outside of capped sectors and are seen as a key cost-containment measure for the program. Ruby Canyon will soon be accredited to verify offset projects that capture and destroy methane gas from livestock operations as well as projects that destroy ozone depleting substances.

Michael Cote, President of Ruby Canyon, says, "We are excited to participate in this new carbon market as an offset credit Verification Body for the AB 32 cap-and-trade program. We recognize the importance of California's pioneering program, and we look forward to ensuring the creation of high-quality offset credits that can be used by compliance entities in California."

About Ruby Canyon Engineering

Ruby Canyon Engineering Inc. (RCE) was founded in 2005 as an organization dedicated to facilitating greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction projects. RCE is well versed in all aspects of the carbon project cycle and registering projects in today's voluntary carbon market in the United States (Climate Action Reserve, Chicago Climate Exchange, American Carbon Registry) and internationally (Pacific Carbon Trust, British Columbia GHG Reporting, Kyoto Protocol, Voluntary Carbon Standard). RCE provides a broad range of technical consulting services to companies wishing to conduct GHG inventories, report emissions to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and plan carbon management strategies. The company's expert services as a technical assistance provider include developing corporate GHG inventories, emissions management, emission reduction project identification, baseline methodology development, project documentation and monitoring, economic feasibility studies and third-party validation and verification. To learn more about Ruby Canyon Engineering, visit