Emission Reduction Project Cycle:
GHG Validations and Verifications

In order to provide our clients with more comprehensive validation and verification services, we have partnered with Environmental Services, Inc., to provide forestry and land-use verification services.

RCE received its initial American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accreditation under ISO 14065 (Requirements for Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification Bodies) in October 2009. Additional scopes were earned in December 2010 for verifications and in October 2011 for validation projects. The ISO standards require rigorous and consistent GHG management and verification policies of validation/verification bodies. RCE is accredited to perform validations and verifications of GHG inventories and projects for the following GHG programs and registries:

Climate Action Reserve

RCE is a leader in the recently released protocols from the Climate Action Reserve. RCE pre-verified the first Ozone Depleting Substances project that successfully passed verification and credits were issued. RCE also was the first to successfully verify a project using the Coal Mine Methane protocol. Lastly, RCE is actively working on the first Nitric Acid Production verification.

Being at the forefront, RCE will not require over-site from the Climate Action Reserve for the Coal Mine Methane and Nitric Acid Production protocols which will greatly smooth the verification process if RCE is selected as the verifier.

In addition, RCE has a proven track record for completing projects on time and within budget.

RCE has highly trained technical Lead Verifiers approved to perform verifications to the following protocols:
• Ozone Depleting Substances
• Nitric Acid Production
• Landfill Methane (U.S. and Mexico)
• Livestock Methane
• Coal Mine Methane
• Organic Waste Projects

The Climate Registry

RCE is approved for most Level 3 organizational verifications which includes the most detailed and complex operations. In 2011, RCE completed several MassDEP GHG verifications using TCR standards. RCE maintains a staff of highly trained engineers and environmental scientists to ensure a top tier verification experience for its clients. RCE has a proven track record for completing projects on time and within budget.

In addition to the Climate Action Reserve and The Climate Registry, RCE also operates with the other predominant GHG Programs: