Who We Are

Our Mission Statement:

Ruby Canyon Engineering promotes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that create energy efficiency and the capture and use of previously-wasted clean energy resources. We help companies develop projects that can benefit from local, national and international climate change policies and the use of environmentally-friendly technologies. RCE also can participate as an ANSI-accredited third-party validation and verification body of carbon offset projects listed on various GHG registries.

Ruby Canyon Engineering Team:

Michael Coté - President and Environmental Engineer

Ronald Collings P.E. - Vice President & Senior Engineer

Lu Tao - Vice President China Operations

Bonny Crews - Senior Environmental Scientist/Microbiologist

Eilleen Duncan - Accountant/Internal Auditor

Nina Pinette - Environmental Scientist

Phillip Cunningham - Environmental Scientist

Zach Eyler - Project Manager

Collon Kennedy III - Attorney

Jessica Stavole - Environmental Scientist

Peter Browning - Forest Carbon Project Manager

Samantha Phillips - Environmental Scientist



Direct Path Strategies

Earth Protect

Forester's Co-Op

Air Quality Associates - GHG Verifications

Keystone Environmental - GHG Verifications

Seven Sisters Environmental - GHG Technical (Oil & Gas)