Career Opportunities

As we expand our capabilities and services, we are always looking for qualified employees to add to the team.

Please send your resumé to the Ruby Canyon Engineering Main Office: 743 Horizon Court, Suite 385, Grand Junction, CO 81506 USA

Email resumé to: Eilleen Duncan

Available Positions:

Environmental Engineer/Scientist

(GHG Inventories and Emission Reduction Projects)

Download the job description here

Ruby Canyon Engineering (RCE) is a small but growing company working in the international greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and renewable energy industries. RCE provides a broad range of technical consulting services to companies wishing to conduct GHG inventories, report emissions to US EPA, and/or plan strategies for reducing their GHG emissions.  RCE engineers and environmental scientists combine a unique understanding of how GHG emission reduction methodologies, baselines, and inventories are developed for various registries, together with first-hand, technical knowledge of various types of projects that reduce GHG emissions. RCE received its ANSI accreditation under ISO 14065 (Requirements for Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification Bodies) in October 2009. 

RCE is seeking a mid-level environmental engineer/scientist to join our team of skilled greenhouse gas professionals. The full-time, multi-disciplinary position requires solid technical, analysis, auditing, and project management skills. RCE will encourage the candidate to continue development and enhancement of  these skills while working on a variety of project types related to combustion and process emissions, energy financial analysis, renewable energy technologies, feasibility studies, and methane mitigation project development. The position requires a B.S. degree in engineering, science, or related discipline, and three years experience in greenhouse gas management. The available position is located at RCE’s main office in Grand Junction, Colorado.


  • Proficient computer and data management skills using MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint)
  • Applied engineering skills such as computations, unit conversions, GIS/mapping, pre- and post- processing data, project management, scheduling
  • Applied science skills in the areas of environmental chemistry, biology, and geology
  • Experience in the carbon emissions industry (i.e. Kyoto Protocol, Western Climate Initiative, California’s AB32, Canadian GHG programs, and U.S. voluntary GHG registries)
  • Experience or knowledge in the mining and oil & gas industries
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently


  • Research and summarize information from the international carbon emissions industry including GHG registry requirements and an understanding of carbon offset protocols.
  • Obtain an understanding of climate change policies including U.S. EPA air emissions regulation as it relates to the Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases.
  • Assist in identifying and evaluating greenhouse gas emission reduction opportunities (i.e. methane-to-energy projects, energy efficiency, fuel switching, etc.) for clients.
  • Participate as a Team Member and eventually become a Team Leader for GHG Validation and Verification activities under ISO 14064 and 14065 standards.
  • Perform data compilation and analysis for GHG inventories or emission reduction calculations.
  • Prepare technical reports, feasibility studies, market analysis, white papers, memorandums, and short articles.
  • Prepare technical presentations of findings in the form of professional papers and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Obtain an in-depth understanding of greenhouse gas sources and sinks for a variety of energy intensive industries and fugitive sources (O&G industry).
  • Be able and willing to travel in the United States and internationally for work assignments.